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R.I.P. O.O.B.S.
Born: September 1996

Died: August 17, 2000

We're Killing Ourselves Off For The Good Of Humanity Like Arnold Schwarzenegger In Terminator 2 JOYSTICKS Tour 2000!

The Joysticks have initiated the breakdown of OOBS and Personnel-associated substructures within. This massive, landmark, interstate, summer tour 2000 is counting down the days until the 4-year project, known as OOBS, dissintegrates. We believe the organization has accomplished more than was ever thought possible back in 1996 when it was founded. With these accomplishments achieved, OOBS is obviously a more than successful venture. We hope that the one-time small cassette label turned revolutionary band alliance and state of mind will spawn many future experiments from the roboyouth of tomorrow, helping to carry on the OOBS legacy. We thank you all for your support, interest, and contributions. Until we meet again...over and out.

*Read the WKOOFTGOHLASIT2JT2K Tour Diaries.


Tuesday, April 4, 2000, marks the official release date of the OOBS Party 2 Go 2000! Yes, the long-awaited and undeniably overdue release of OOBS' second compilation is upon us. This delayed release is well worth the wait, for the Party 2 Go has evolved into a double disc, chock filled with over 2 hours of the greatest noise / electronic / experimental party tracks ever! Order your copy now for only $6!

Joystick-ensued Riot Breaks Out At The Beehive

What was supposed to be a mild, sololy-handled-Gregg Joysticks' performance because of an ill-stricken Richard, turned into a massive riot. The diversified crowd didn't not know how to handle the mild turned destructive and in-your-face noise act, thus rebelling in an unruly fashion. Here's an indepth recap of what happened.

Hungry For The Joysticks

In a recent contest held by "Mr. Make Me Hungry Man" (whatever that means), The Joysticks were blatantly disrespected in an attrocious act of ignorance and public humiliation. Their remix track, "I Mixed (Fucked) Your Mom Last Night" was absolute genius, and the best mixing job one could make, especially considering the piss poor samples provided. After listening to the winners, I now realize that this HHMH organization was merely looking for artists that could create remixes that sounded exactly like the original, or at least that's what it sounds like. When an original, interpretive piece such as The Joysticks' gets submitted it becomes easily overlooked because of it's depth and indecipherable nature. This is a tragedy to one and all, so I have made the track available to you all on the web page. I'm sure you'll enjoy and agree it should have a place on the MMHM remix release.

The Joysticks...Best Show Of Talent?

While close-minded, bonehead teachers like Mr. Paglia, who produced the Talent Show 2000, believe the Joysticks are a talentless group of degenerates, it was recently documented quite to the contrary. As a matter of fact, it was stated that The Joysticks are the "Best Show Of Talent" in Pittsburgh! For more on this and to read the article in it's entirety click here and you'll find The Joysticks' portion to be fourth from the bottom.

Exploitation of Boy Band Market

The Joysticks' latest stab at exploiting the pop market is in the form of the boy band phenomenon. Starting as a mere prank on the school newspaper, The Char-Valiant, this Joysticks' turned boy band craze erupted into a massive publicity stunt. The Joysticks restructured their abandoned site to be an exact replica of 'N Sync's and then added their own songs under 'N Sync titles. Look, laugh, and listen.

Best High-School-Aged-Band

The Joysticks have been voted the "Best High-School-Aged Band" by InPittsburgh Magazine!!! Check out the article regarding this prestigious title on the InPGH web site, or our local cut and pasted copy. We must note, however, a couple mistakes in the article, such as the omitting of Joe, Agent Dr. Analysis, the use of the old Joysticks band name, and the wrong OOBS Records URL.

Best American Support Band

The Joysticks have been declared as Solex's "Best American Support Band". See it for yourself, as well as other artists' Top 5's and 10's of 1998 on the Matador Records page (it's down near the bottom, so scroll!).

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