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This area will be dedicated to abling you, the viewer, to interact and win free merchandise and/or other OOBS matter, by submitting your entry into our database. Each month a different contest will be featured that you can enter. Please submit only one entry per customer, and make sure not to send us absolute garbage because we don't want to have to waste our time sorting through entries that look as if they were sent in by a 1940's robotic device. And if you didn't know, the 1940's produced some of the worst robot models known to man. Now computerize your imagination, and give us your input.
With the end of the OOBS empire approaching, we regret that input from our roboyouth following regarding any sort of "contest" will eventually be rendered obsolete. But if you care to extend your thoughts, beliefs, or fond farewells, feel free to use this forum as your medium. Thank you.




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January '99
Valentine's '99
June '99
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