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OOBS Party 2 Go 2000

OOBSREC2000 - OOBS Party 2 Go 2000 - The OOBS Party Team 2000 has spent many months selecting the finest party songs of the past century. We now present this album to you as a tool to get your Y2K Apocalypse Party jumpin'! OOBS' first CD release and only $6!

Songs To Make Love To

OOBSREC0022 - Matt Wellins - Music to Make Love To. This forthcoming release from bachelor Matt Wellins (of Network of Stoppages) is a sexy 40+ minute CDr romp of sensual avant-garde styling for lovers.


OOBSREC0021 - The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay to Your Skull - Vitalogy. Conceptual release, limited to one copy. Sound varied depending on your compact disc player.

How To Become Your Own Y2K Bug

OOBSREC0019 - The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay to Your Skull - "How To Become Your Own Y2K Bug". This cassette only release was limited to 4 copies. It contained information on the Y2K situation, tips on how to create your very own Y2K Apocalypse, and motivational music to get you pumped up for the destruction you were instructed to cause on December 31, 1999.


OOBSREC0018 - soundsystemscheckok - enter. The Soundsystems second group effort. A tenfold eclipse of its predecessor. Monumental breakthroughs in drum-guitar musicianship. Cassette. $3.

Health Worldwide

OOBSREC0017 - HWWCS01. Health Worldwide - Health Worldwide. 60 minutes of synthstrumentals from Dr. David A. Orr and a small army of cosmic collaborators. Cassette. $4.99.

Aiwa is a stereotype.

OOBSREC0016. soundsystemscheckOK - AIWA is a Stereotype. Yes, AIWA is a REAL stereotype. And this delivers the message in an electronic, noise rock format from Dr. Spaztik and OmEga]. Drums + Guitars + Vocoding + Keyboards in an unwavering pattern of audial pleasuring tactics. Music to Kill by. Cassette. $3.


OOBSREC0015. The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay to Your Skull - The Only Way to Synthetically Prepare Sound. The Joysticks' second OFFICIAL release. Phantastisch noise, beeps, occasional/incidental beats, and samples! Cassette. $3.

The Weather

OOBSREC0014. Hyperactive - The Weather. Hyperactive's second full-length release. Features two 20+ minute drone tracks. Cassette. $3.

Visit Our Planet

OOBSREC0013. Proto:Vex - Visit Our Planet. Magnificent synth, bass, drum instrumentation. Make Noise. Spaz Out. Believe It. Cassette. $3.

The Skateboard Dad

OOBSREC0012. SoundsystemscheckOK / Hyperactive - The Skateboard Dad. OOBS Records' first split EP. 22.5 minutes of beat happy, pop, electronic noise and 22.5 minutes of excellent keyboard pop. Cassette. $3.


OOBSREC0011. The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull - TRACKS. Noise, noise, noise. Amazing! The first REAL Joysticks recording featuring puzzling and astounding noises and UHF samples. Cassette. $3.

epileptic caesars

OOBSREC0010. The Clarendon Hills - Epileptic Caesars. Total greatness at it's best. Worship this tape. Cassette. $3.

Format #1

OOBSREC009. Static Probe Pioneers - Format #1. This 6 1/2 song demo is a collection of their favorite songs over the past 2 years. Distorted guitars, loud feedback, horrible vocals, and synthesizer flavors make this OOBS product unforgettable. Cassette. $3.

OOBSREC008. Under Your Skin - Demo 4 Din Din Part 3 of 3. The final installment of the Demo 4 Din Din Trilogy. Cassette. $3.

OOBS Comp. 1

OOBSREC007. OOBS Records Compilation One(1) - "That's not music. You're just making noise." The best sound representation of OOBS Records. Includes released and unreleased songs by every OOBS artist. Cassette. $3.

Din Din 2

OOBSREC006. Under Your Skin - Demo 4 Din Din Part 2 of 3. The second of the Demo 4 Din Din Trilogy. Includes a massive array of sampling from your favorite Nintendo games. The first song on Side 2 is totally awesome. Cassette. $3.

It's Syntactical, yet Impractical.

OOBSREC005. Sound Systems Check OK - Look Doctor! It's Syntactical, yet Impractical. The first ever recordings from this synthesized magician. Guitar, beats, and keyboards that kill. Cassette. $3.

Din Din 1

OOBSREC004. Under Your Skin - Demo 4 Din Din Part 1 of 3. Includes the original workings from Joe's first Under Your Skin recordings. Very fast and really heavy, but noisy all the way through. Cassette. $3.


OOBSREC003. Hyperactive - Triangle + j.g. = positions. Hyperactive's first recordings. Includes songs written by none other than Hyperactive. Slow drone. Cassette. $3.

OOBSREC002. The Joysticks Battle the Clip-on Expressway to Your Skull - First Recordings from the Joysticks. The first ever Joysticks practice/recording session. Includes a full 60 minutes of ambience and noise. Cassette. $3. OUT OF STOCK.

OOBSREC001. The Static Probe Pioneers - Demo #1. Includes all of the hit Static songs in their original unedited format. Cassette. $3. OUT OF STOCK.

Appearances on Non-OOBS Releases

Sound Collector Issue #3. Articles: OOBS RECORDS!, Matmos, Vocokesh, Silver Jews, Messiaen, Songs that Make Boys Cry, The Rondelles, Jimi Shields, Fridge, Ganger, No New York, Azusa Plane, Nirvana, Architectura, Sounds Of Series, Charles Cohen, Neutrino + more. CD includes: Fridge, Lesser, Pluxus, Matmos, Ganger, Mercury Rev, The Joysticks Expressway to Your Skull, Dame Darcy, Vocokesh, Disc, Jorge Explosion, Charles Cohen, Revo + more. The Joysticks track is the otherwise unreleased "010010". Release Date: April 1999. Circ. 5,000. Distro: International. Pages: 142 + CD. $6.


Kid Arrest shirt

The one and only Kid Arrest shirt. The most popular design to date. This shirt features the image of a child convict being hauled off to jail in cuffs by police. White shirt only with customizable slogan beneath image, specify size. $9.

The New Joysticks Battle the SCAN FEED RELAY shirt. With the waging of a new battle comes a new shirt. Computer keyboard keys and alphanumerics! White only, specify size. $9.

Sk1 shirt

The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay Sk1 design. The Joysticks utilize the CASIO Sk1 Sampling Keyboard endlessly, and this shirt just glorifies this in a way that only the Joysticks can. White only, specify size. $9.

Tracks shirt

The Joysticks Battle the Clip-on Expressway to Your Skull logo T-shirt. The original Joysticks' name, logo, and T-shirt all in one. White shirt only, specify size when ordering. $9.

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