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"It was a pleasant evening that night of January 2. However, this pleasantness would soon be completely disrupted when The Untitled Show would create mental anarchy amongst a small group of local teenagers.untitled systems
The evening blasted off with a super noisy, beat happy set by the soundsystemscheckOK. soundsystemscheckOK played a set that consisted of three new songs; A, B, and C. Richard (a.k.a. SoundSystemsCheckOK), then played a Spice Girls' cover of "Wannabe". Richard played the keyboards and drum machine, while his brother Ryne played the bass. Ryne's performance was excellent considering he had only learned how to push down strings the night prior to the show. Richard ended the set by doing a few magic tricks that astounded the audience, as they all simultaneously said, "How'd you do that?" But of course a magician never reveals his secrets, so it was time for The Static Probe Pioneers to take the "stage".
Static had an awesome entrance that included a Bearcat Scanner, flashing television numbers, and Static Probe Pioneer fake phone calls. This was the prelude to "I Have the Same First Name as My UNTITLED pioneersBus Driver". This screaming noise barrage of craziness was counter attacked by their next song, "Dehydration". "Dehydration" was one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. Gregg's beautiful double handed keyboard works were complimented perfectly by Joe's unique guitar work. The continued their set until their dinner arrived. During which time each member of the Static Probe Pioneers took their shot on the new CS1x Yamaha Synthesizer, while the other member went to eat some pizza. After about a half hour of this shaky portion of the set, they returned to finish off the audience. The second half of their set included an amazing version of "The Macrocosm of Insinuating Oneself" and "Oh Well, What I Hate Calling it the New Song." The second half of the show really picked up when the Static went into an almost-improvisational version of "Rich is Dead." As soon as this was finished, they went into their infamous freestlye-rap song, "Chattanooga." During this piece, Joe provide some beats on the Yamaha DD-7 while Gregg rapped about vitamins. Most thought the show was over after this, but the Static Probe Pioneers, then, played "Game Over Man." Gregg got on the guitar for this number, and the show closed with the blowing out of his amplifier. This particular concert proved the talents of OOBS with impeccable performances by both soundsystemscheckOK and Static Probe Pioneers."
-Agent Dr. Dick Spaztik
-Agent Dr. Rex M. Valence  

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