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The soundsystemscheckOk.
Originating as a one man beat/keyboard/guitar creation, soundsystemscheckOK recorded and released LookR1chard Doctor, It's Syntactical, yet Impractical and appeared on one half of the split EP, The Skateboard Dad. Richard, a.k.a. Agent Dr. Dick Spaztik, created these albums solo handedly, which had it's benefits and it's drawbacks. After almost a year of solo operation, Richard decided to expand the group both musically and personnel wise. On Friday, June 12, 1998 Richard invited the then 6th grade graduate, Jim Platania (now OmEgA]), to accompany him on drums for their first ever musical connection, which was a live demonstration in the ENDofSKOOL Bash1998. This sound experiment went over well considering it was their first musical joining. They did not convein again, however, until late August, which isJ1m when the actual formation of the new version of The SoundsystemscheckOK began to take form. Their first practice proved to be excellency epitome as they produced 5 original songs during a mere 3 hour practice. Each of these tracks was pure genius, and the practice was truly enjoyable. They practiced every couple of days for the next two weeks in preparation for their performance in the Back2Skool Festival. At the Back2Skool Bash they played their first practiced live show. The Soundsystems were somewhat satisfied by this performance, but were also dissatisfied because of the ignorant antics of a Mr. Bryan Reiff. The SoundsystemscheckOK are continuing their research in the field of drum/guitar/incidental vocal song production. If their evolution of sound continues at the current rate, then there will be nothing stopping them from attaining pure perfection. With science, space, and math on their side they're fighting a battle against nothing but time.
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