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"Have you ever been to one of those concerts that just leaves a lasting impression on every part of you. That is, your mind, body, and wallet? The Static Show on the twelfth was one of the greatest concert experiences that one can have for $0.
The opening act was KGB, or Killers Gone Bad. It consisted of Mike Reddy and Dave Salcido(me), and lasted for 15 minutes. I have to say that our act was ok. I mean, considering the fact that I can't play a guitar worth a shit and Mike can't sing(he had some jammin' lyrics), I 'd say we did well enough. The crowd didn't leave, and some people actually liked it: the high ones.The CrowdThe opening band was "No More Sad Films", who played for an hour and a half non-stop. Their act was superb, and was relatively spotless. The poppy music they had for us was really, really loud, but it held everybody over until the real show started. That's not to steal any of their glory; they were awesome. But, the crowd was there to see the one and only STATIC PROBE PIONEERS!
Joe Ravita, a writer for the school newspaper even made an appearence to see the men behind the static. Special thanks to Joe: Thanks, Joe.
When the Static took the stage, it was like the beginning of a new era. The crowd actually shut up and payed attention to the two super-rockers on stage. Joe and Gregg spent a few minutes preparing the sound system, if that's what you call it, and then they signalled me to hit the lights. On that cue, I flipped the switch and the other backstage guys ran into the room with silly string and four garbage bags full of balloons. Absolute chaos broke loose! The Static hadn't even gotten past the first few notes of "Static isThe Static Probe PIONEERS! Radical" when everything but the kitchen sink was tossed up on stage, into the crowd, or up into the air to kick off the festivities. I put on my own personal costume, a box w/holes cut in it, gloves, goggles, and a forty-niner jacket and jumped into the action. Rob, one of the roadies/crowdies, was the man behind most of the chaos, and probably behind the end of the concert itself. In the middle of the rampage, and "Chattanooga", my personal favorite of the night, he cracked the popcorn bowl. When the owner of the venue found out, Joe's mom, the concert was cut short. In the end, no one wanted to leave. As with all concerts, there were police cars and contreversy. The Static produced an electricity that attracted the forces of good and evil to the concert, even Justin Short, who shot at us. Thanks, Justin!
Overall, it was a powerful demostration of what independent music can be. There was teenage angst, 20-yr old melodiosness, and middle aged tiredness. I know that everyone who went into the 16x8 ft room came out sweating and with at least a little bit of silly string in their hair. The clean up job was a bitch. I should know, I cleaned up. But, that was just part of the show. So, I'd like to publicly say thanx to Static for letting me clean up; for free!
The show was great; I had a great time; so did everyone else. And, on an end note, being an officially drug-free concert, one of the concert goers could be heard to yell, "Get out of here, you coke head!" I think that was a metaphor for, "I really liked this concert...mmm...Static..."
-Dave Salcido '97

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