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Static Probe Pioneers
Static Probe Pioneers are the founders of OOBS Records. The band consists of Joe Scalise and Gregg Gillis. The band members play of wide array of instruments, but the main concentration is Joe on guitars, vocals, and drum machine and Gregg on keyboards, synthesizers, vocals, and drum machine. There is constant switching of instruments within their unforgettable live performances. 
The Static Probe POINEERS!
Formed in late '96, this so-called "synthesizer-based noise rock band" has really developed over time. As the early recordings demonstrate, Static Probe Pioneers started off writing slow, basic songs using one keyboard, a drum machine, and a guitar. At the present, they are currently writing much longer, more complex, and more confusing material using a wide range of equipment such as a Yamaha CS1X control synthesizer, Casio CZ 101, Bearcat Scanner, Casio SK 1, and many other electronical noise manipulation devices. Although, they seem to have an ever-expanding fascination with circuitry, this band is always concentrated on writing some satisfactory, boisterous rock songs and then adding the effects and computer-game-like noises over top. The band members tastes in music are very diverse. The main influences of Static Probe Pioneers are Trans Am, Brainiac, and The Boredoms. Joe and Gregg enjoy different types of music, but both of these indie rock superstars seem to like experimental and improvisational music equally. Joe seems to provide a more heavy-edge to the band, as Gregg brings some more analog-based playing styles to Static Probe Pioneers.
That Static Probe Pioneers have also ventured into the bass realm with the formation of the Static Bass Cadets. Their debut masterpiece, "Make Bass and Fireworks", appears on the OOBS Compilation Volume 1.
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