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The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull performed in their first "club" show opening for Matador recording artist Solex on July 26, 1998 at the Millvale Industrial Theater. Originally kicked off the lineup as a result of excess bands, The Joysticks were forced to start their performance at promptly 8:00 p.m. andthe mark of the Joysticks limit their noise making to 20 minutes (although, this is their preference for time anyway). As they took the stage at the scheduled starting time, the crowd consisted of family members, friends, other bands performing that evening and approximately three paying customers. The Joysticks went through with some brief equipment tests and proceeded to announce themselves as Aerosmith. Next, Richard pressed a button on the audio cassette playback unit, and magically, the instrumental version of Tag Team's "Whoop, There It Is!" began to play! They plunged into a dense, complicated noise composition. Their equipment setup included: a Casio SK-1, a Yamaha CS1x, two Casio CZ-101s, a Yamaha PSS-177, a Bearcat Scanner, a Yamaha DD-7, Hot Keys, a laptop computer, a Yamaha SHS-101, a Casio Ctk611, an electronic science kit, a Squier Stratocaster, a Gibson SG, Dunlop Cry Baby pedal, Dunlop Rotovibe foot pedal, BOSS Metal Zone foot pedal, the Deltadeath 028.48HJ93L2 (Joe's model keyboard), a TYU-30, a 2XL robot, My Little Song Maker Keyboard, a Voice Mutator, and other electronic toys. The first five minutes consisted of a very thick-structured noise, and it evolved into a much more calm soundscape during the following 302.088 seconds. This portion of the set concentrated on the utilization of the electronic science kit and the Deltadeath 028.48HJ93L2. It gradually moved into some of The Joysticks' traditional "beep-core" sound and then, into a more harsh noise section. At the 12.07048 minuteThe Joysticks Battle @ the MIT
point, the second sparkler of the show was lit. It actually caught a Walkman lying on the stage on fire, and after a couple of seconds, the stage caught on fire. Richard successfully put the fire out after a number of kicks to the stage. The Joysticks went into a song structure as all three members began to play keyboard melodies at exactly 900.007 seconds into the show. Following this, they went back to the original dense noise structure as they went all-out for their last five minutes. Gregg and Richard both took their turns at destroying/breaking/smashing the My Little Song Maker Keyboard off the stage. The crowd, which had increased to 30+ people, began to cheer as The Joysticks went about their destruction. Joe triggered the demo button on the Casio SK-1 at the 20.104 minute mark, Richard said, "We're the Pittsburgh noise and fire scene," Gregg said, "Buy our stuff," and The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull's performance was completed. Following the show, they found support from Solex, the band members playing with Solex, and Semi. Overall, The Joysticks couldn't have been more addition-machine-like within one performance.

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