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Satan's Robot
Biography: Satan's Robot (as compiled by Hell's Archives)
It all started in 1980. The year was 1980. The Prince of Darkness and his esteemed assembly of The Evil Men of Science began construction of an experimental robotic entity. The purpose of the Robot: to be a Wacky, Back-Talking Butler in Lucifer's Stately Manor. But the idea of a "WaBaTaBu" was quickly discarded and replaced with plans for a machine whose primary mission is to spread Satanic Messages of Destruction to the World.
After 17 years of arduously onerous labor...and several prototype failures...The Robot of Satan was finally complete. Satan's Robot was then released onto Earth and his initial programming was activated - to spread Satanic Messages of Destruction!
And what better way to do this, thought Satan, than through music? Thusly, Satan's Robot began procuring musical "tools" and "building" strangely retarded audio cassettes that are DRIPPING with Satanicness. Satan's Robot's first accomplishment, a 30 minute audio tape, was released to the public quickly and brainwashed the masses and thoroughly Satanified them.
With the experiment being a complete success, Satan keeps his Robot activated and in turn, Satan's Robot keeps spewing forth the audio cassette albums, cramming them with synthesized robotobeats and other crazy sounds. Already up to album #5, Satan's Robot has already proved that Satan Rocks! But you don't have to take Satan's Robot's word for it...
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Satan's Robot

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