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Super Seventeen Noise Fest, the sequel to the Sweet Sixteen Noise Fest, is an annual celebration of teenage experimentalists that takes place during the time period in which Joe Scalise and Gregg Gillis were conceived. Bands scheduled to play included Infoseek Velocity 128 and The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull. Although, propaganda for the show was limited, there was still a sufficient turnout to watch the massive assault of sound creation on Gregg’s roof.
Infoseek Velocity 128 were the first performing artists at “S17NoiseFest,” although the only member to actually show up, as usual, was God. Infoseek Velocity 128, despite the lack of attending members, put forth it’s best show to date. God improvised through a trademark 10 minute set that included two separate pieces. In the first segment, titled “Junk,” he concentrated on utilizing a makeshift piece of equipment: a microphone (very close to an amplifier) jammed into a typewriter/keyboard contraption that gave off clicking sounds and microphonal feedback. During second number, “Master of the Demo Button,” God pulled off his other trademark technique, the pressing of the demo button! The conclusion of “Master of the Demo Button” included phone calls to the members of Infoseek Velocity 128 that were not in attendance and the kicking of a NASA robotics system, or at least that's what he called it. Infoseek Velocity 128’s finale was the now infamous rocket launch. Prior to the show, God performed some experiments in which he lost the rocket into the unknown depths of the wooded areas near Gregg’s house. He left for nearly an hour looking for it, and upon his return he claimed to have seen Sasquatch walk off with it. He also lost the safety key. God knew the rocket launch was the key to his performance, though, so he attached a rocket engine to a plastic straw and plugged paper clips into the area where the safety key belonged until the light began to disperse wave frequencies within the visual spectrum. After 10-15 minutes worth of “fixing” the rocket setup, God launched the rocket engine attached to a straw in a looping formation directly over the heads of the crowd. It landed in the back the concert area creating a somewhat large fire, and this triggered a round of applause from the amazed audience. Infoseek Velocity 128’s performance was triumphant as it went far beyond the expected/typical backyard God show. And after being so fulfilled by InfoSeek, they could hardly wait to be overloaded by The Joysticks ( - Joe Scalise, + Joe00000001).
The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull also had an absent member, Joe Scalise, so they decided to construct a cyborg model of the not present Joystick, known as Joe00000010. Although the spontaneity of Joe was missed, the cyborg model was more precise in the noise making calculations of The Joysticks. The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull played their most lengthy set to date, clocking in at over 1.0932 hours. Their performances are usually comprised of a single composition, but for the “Super Seventeen Noise Fest,” they played a number of separate noise pieces including a few covers. The Joysticks’ noise was varied from mellow numbers to beep-core to harsh power-electronics. There were moments when the duo (Richard and Gregg) plus Joe00000010 even formed keyboard melodies in song-like structures. This performance was solid presentation of The Joysticks’ many stylings. They also included some of their notorious covers in the set, such as the Beastie Boys' “Fight for Your Right to Party” and everyone’s favorite Salt N’ Pepa's hit, “Push It. "Throughout the performance, The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull set off a number illegal fireworks and other pyrotechnics.
At the conclusion of the show, both Richard and Gregg knew Joe00000010’s talents were not needed any more, and that an original being and it's cyborg clone cannot exist simultaneously in the same dimension. They were forced with the decision to either obliterate Joe Scalise or Joe00000010. It was a tough decision, but in the end they put to use a massive amount of bottle rockets as they launched the cyborg’s head into the stratosphere and threw Joe00000010’s remains off the 15 foot roof, where it was destroyed by R1chard in a brutal onslaught of clone destruction precautionary actions. It was a sad day for Joe00000010, but The Joysticks Battle the Clip-On Expressway to Your Skull scanned channel-to-case thermal resistance in Smith-Macmillan form at infinity. 15.0235%

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