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"An Evening of Mental Relaxation", this was the title of the second performance that Joe and I, the Static Probe Pioneers, took part in. We had the opening slot for No More Sad Films (a short-lived Pittsburgh pop band). We think they invited us because we gave them an opportunity to play at a show in Joe's basement.
Normally, when one attends a Static Probe Pioneers' show, you can expect some anarchy, noise, and rock, but this show was an extreme departure. This was somewhat of a mellow show considering the crowd was mostly made up of moronic hippies. Our performance took place in a venue called The Window Works. Upon arriving, I noticed that there were only five relaxing on the countless amounts of rugs, carpets, and blankets. After a few minutes of waiting, we took the stage with 10 people staring at us. We opened up with a prerecorded MIDI file of "The Star Spangled Banner" that was played through a hand-held tape recorder. At this point the hippies were confused. We made our way through a very clean set, while more and more people kept entering the Window Works. I screamed, "Hey! We're trying to put on a rock concert. Get out of here!" The hippies seemed disturbed, but we continued to tear through our 45 minute set, which included: "Static is Radical", "Mittens and Galoshes", "Don't Crash the Microscope", "Ampersand", and others. We even managed to play "Chattanooga", where I got the crowd moving while screaming lyrics about killing robots. Overall, a successful evening considering we played maybe our cleanest set ever and scared a bunch of hippies with noisy electronic rock."
-Agent Rex Valence

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