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From: "Dr. David A. Orr" <>
Well, the end of an era has come, as Dr. David A. Orr prepares to leave
Proto:Vex. That's right, make sure you understand: Proto:Vex is DEAD. Why
you ask? Why, indeed. Let's see what Dr. Orr's reasons for leaving are:
1. None of them are friends. they don't "hang out" or "party" together. Dr.
Orr doesn't even like to be seen around Ric Dahlgren.
2. Ric can't drum. Trish can't sing. Dr. Orr is of the opinion that taking
on Ric as a drummer was the fatal mistake, for Ric is old, tired, and washed
up, having spent too much time learning to punkpunkpunk drum really fast and
lay on incessant, unnecessary fills and double-bass foolishness that he
doesn't know how to just... *drum*. And anyone at Oricon or any other P:V
show can attest to the fact that Trish can't sing and that her entrance into
the band was the beginning of the long, drawn out end. She really could have
developed her voice, as Kim Gordon did, into a dynamic instrument but she
was too lazy to do so (it was hard getting her out of bed for 5 PM
3. After Oricon, Dr. Orr wanted to write new material. *An album's worth* of
new material, to be recorded by Herr Prof. Swimm and released on CD this
summer. We managed to write two songs. P:v started writing a third in early
July and *just last week* (!) finally played it as a full band at what would
prove to be P:V's last show. That is NOT efficiency, and efficiency is of
paramount importance, as you all know.
4. Dr. Orr realized after a conversation with Dr. Spanglestein before that
last show that Health Worldwide is ultimately more satisfying than P:V and
results in more fun surprises, which shouldn't be the way a solo project
relates to a band in which (supposedly) a few people are adding their own
stuff together. It's sad, because Nich is really a superior bassist who
writes well. But he could never muster the energy working with Dr. Orr
So, what's next for the indefatigable Dr. Orr? Well, continued HWW work, of
course, as well as an exciting band prospect with some friends which
promises to be more interesting than P:V was. you can never tell, but Dr.
Orr expects it to be much wilder and more insane and loud and noisy and fun.
Yours in the pursuit of semi-respectability,
Dr. David A. Orr
Founder, Institute of Bastard Science (BS)
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Co-editor, M.O.D. Magazine
General Director, Health Worldwide

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