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On Thursday, May 14, 1998, during third period at Chartiers Valley High School Agent Spaztik was sitting in his Honors Algebra 2 class waiting out the rest of the 41 minute period when suddenly it hit him > "Let's put on an anti-Kennywood concert tomorrow, while everyone else is wasting their time at the aforementioned Pittsburgh amusement park!" So Agent Spaztik began the construction of a flyer. The flyer consisted of the now infamous slogan, "Kennywood's for Schmucks!", some nifty anti-Kennywood propaganda, and illustrations of Kennywood rides malfunctioning in a fatal manner. Now that the show was planned out all Spaztik had to do was see if Gregg was into the idea. And that he was. Concert development went on full force through the next two periods, in which Gregg and Richard were "double blocked" for English and American Cultures. While Joe manipulated the school copier to make free copies of the flyer, Gregg and Richard went around the library and school halls passing out the intriguing propaganda. By the end of the day everyone in school had been informed of the show and nearly everyone had a copy of the flyer, however, almost nobody was coming because they were all planning on going to Kennywood. Neither Gregg nor Richard cared much about this, and they continued their plans to carry out the affair.
Hyperactive showed up around 4:00 to begin setting up for the show. Amps were put in place, keyboards were plugged in, and a make shift PA system was put together. Next posters announcing this FREE show were put up all around the immediate area of Richard's grandmother's house. Gregg and Richard waited. And they waited. And finally resorted to calling possible attendees. Finally, just when they thought no one was coming, they looked up at Richard's grandmother's backyard and there stood God! Now that they had one witness the show could begin.
Gregg on Cs1xIt was decided that God would perform as an opening act since he is in the OOBS band INFOSEEK VELOCITY 128. God played for about 10 minutes or more. His set consisted of keyboard bangs and mumbled words. God continually messed with the keyboard tones and demo button, while saying odd words that didn't make sense. The only words that were audible were, "Kill humans. Humans suck." Finally he ended his set with, "Okay, I'm done."
Richard took the stage and played about an hour of punkish noise rock about kids who kill their teachers and other random topics. The set went on pretty smooth and the audience seemed to get into it, but then technical difficulties arose and the set took a less structured route.
Next Gregg took the stage. Unfortunately at this time God had to leave because his grandfather showed up, but Richard's neighbor Reiff came so the show went on. Gregg began the set with "I Was Almost the Beach Boys." It sounded pretty bad, so he replayed it a couple times. Around this time Reiff got a lawn chair to sit on. Gregg then began to go into some nice noise mixed with beats from the Yamaha PSS-177. Then Reiff got a Dr. Pepper to drink. Next the Lesson One was brought out and was utilized as an intricate part of the Hyperactive sound. Reiff got some popcorn to eat. The show also took a Warped Tour-esque turn at this point, as well, when Richard got out his skateboard and began to ride around his grandmother's driveway. Gregg was almost done about this time, but he played a couple more songs because two people with strollers showed up.
 The Skateboard Dad!
They left, though, when someone from a low-class neighboring apartment complex yelled, "Shut that shit off!" In response Richard took his guitar and improvised a short song with degrading, vulgar lyrics. Strangely the police did not make an appearance after that. Finally as a closing number Gregg and Richard played their cover of "Acid Police" by the Boredoms for Richard's neighbor Mrs. Benner, her 2 year old grandson Mason, Richard's grandmother, Richard's dad, and Reiff. During this time Richard's dad took the skateboard and decided to show everyone what a REAL skateboarder can do!
In the end I'd say we proved that Kennywood really is for schmucks.
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