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The "Jesse McCready is a Fairy" show was a product of Chachi's dismissal from the ultra-cheesy Battle of the Bands on the day of the show. In the true OOBS spirit, Andrew Yaros, founder/songwriter of Chachi, immediately announced at 4:30 p.m. that he was putting on a show in his basement at 7:30 p.m.. The attendance was pretty impressive considering the short-notice of the concert. Chachi's set consisted of an hour worth of Chachi material that included "I Killed the Prom Queen," "Get Lucky," and "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World." The crowd actually seemed to enjoy the music, a rare happening during an OOBS basement show. To cap off the night, there was a special guest appearance by none other than Hyperactive himself. People recognized that Hyperactive was there to perform as he wore a shirt with a computer printout that read "Hyperactive." He played some mind boggling noise on his Hot Keys that stunned the crowd. Chachi joined in with Hyperactive to reunite The Hyperactive Ensemble, playing their infamous "School's Out (Summer Rawk Theme Song)." For 15 minutes The Hyperactive Ensemble rocked out and seemed to please the crowd. At the end of the show, the audience members threw dollar bills and coins up towards the band who later donated it to the Mrs. Herman Fund, which is where all the Battle of the Bands proceeds went to. All in all a good night for the OOBS organization.
-Rob Crane 

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