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Internet transmissions from Agent Valence regarding the Joysticks Projekt B146J33's Holiday Talent Show Ordeal:
(first post)
After the rehersal for the "talent" show tonight, I don't know if we're going to be allowed to perform. The main performers were Dr. Spaztik, Cyborg Jim, and I. In the program we were listed as The Joysticks Projekt B145J33, and our "song" is "100100110101010111010110101." Our stage setup included a NES hooked up with a power pad, multiple televisions, a computer, some answering machines, radios, keyboards/synths, boomboxes, etc. Our entrance was amazing. People stared in amazement as we, in our massive costumes, hauled in Nintendo equipment, UFOs, and our other tools into the backstage area. Dr. Spaztik skateboared through the stage curtain, as Cyborg Jim and I followed with the Power Pad in hand.
We recieved an appreciative round of applause. We started off with some structured keyboard melodies, but after aprox. 45 seconds, we just starting going crazy and producing mass amounts of noise. Dr. Spaztik and I began throwing/rolling televisions and computers across the stage as the noise was still going. We kicked/broke radios, threw some televisions frames (directed at teachers), and basically, destroyed most of the electronics we had on stage. Dr. Spaztik, then, proceeded to light off one of those illegal tank fireworks on the stage. The youth in the audience were really enjoying it and cheering, but the talent show organizer made us shut down in mid-performance. We didn't even get a chance to unleash the asteroids or the flaming television. They told us we were the "worry group" of the show, and that they weren't sure what they were going to do with us. While they were scolding us, audience members kept interupting them with comments like, "Gregg, Richard, that was the greatest thing I've ever seen," "You guys are surely going to win," "Wow, you guys broke some much stuff! That's great!," etc. Many roboyouth were born tonight as all were exposed to electronic noise!
Agent V.

(second post)
The Joysticks (Projekt B146J33) made a suprise appearance at tonight's CVHS "talent show!" Dr. Spaztik and I came to watch the show holding circuitry and Atari cartridges, wearing full robo-gear and T-shirts with computer printouts that read, "I got kicked out of the talent show for lighting the stage on fire, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!" taped onto the shirts. We found major support from the usually close-minded high school public. Throughout the entire show, people within the audience began yelling propaganda slogans, such as "We want The Joysticks" and chants of "Joysticks, Joysticks, Joysticks..." About every third act came out and dedicated their performance to us as well. Some of the performers had "The Joysticks" written on their body using some type of ink dispertion system. At one point in the show, one of the performers was pointing at Dr. Spaztik and I in the audience. We stood up handling Atari and computer gear. Dr. Spaztik then took it upon himself to join the performers up front as he busted out the "Running Man". Throughout the performance we also passed out flyers reading, "The Joysticks Have Talent." At the conclusion of the show, the curtain call, the other performers made a sign out of sheets of paper saying "JOYSTICKS". Dr. Spaztik and I decided we should get up on the stage at this point. Spaztik kicked over the lighting system as he was jumped up onto the stage and grabbed a microphone. He said, "Hello?" and pass the mic to me. I said, "Thank you for kicking us out of the talent show after we lit the stage on fire. We appreciate everything." Roboyouth take ctrl!
Agent Valence

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