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Valentine's Question:
"What robot model do you find most alluring? AND What's your favorite saying that you wish was on those candy hearts?"
February's Winning Valentine Entry:
name = Abandoned Arts
e-mail =
answer =
robot model:
The CARTHaGE-B designation of the CARTHaGE series of surgical droids was the most versatile and elegantly crafted. Since being discontinued in lieu of the more cost-effective JERICHO series, it has become a sought after item, though regrettably most have fallen out of service as technical support has dwindled. Renegate surgeons in the outer territories employ the CARTHaGE- in illegal body-mod operations and neurally networked prosthetic integration (virtual HUD in visual field; supplementary cardiac pumps; 64-pin wetware-to-synapse interface ports, etc.). Anyone who has used or has even seen the CARTHaGE-B will attest to its ease of use, its versatility, and above all its seamless marriage of aesthetic elegance with functionality.
candy heart:
"I know I probably should have told you this earlier, but I have chlamydia."

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