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The End Of The Skool Year Bash '99
The OOBS End Of The Skool Year Bash 2!
Saturday, June 19, 1999, 5:00 PM
Venue: The Spaztik Outdoor Laboratory on Ryan Drive (off of Greentree Road, Contact Richard for directions)
Admission: FREE! 
- The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay to Your Skull
- (M)operation Re-Information
- K/Rad Labs (as seen at ORICON, from Chicago, IL)
- Health Worldwide (David A. Orr, from the state of Indiana)
- Orgasmic Sound Explosion (like-minded electronic Pittsburgh kids!)
- soundsystemscheckOK
- chachi
- FREE food (while supplies last)
- Massive firework pyrotechnics and electronic destruction
- Movie airings of "The Skateboard Kid", "The Wizard", and "Night Of The Living Bread"
- Release party for soundsystemscheckOk's new album "AIWA is a stereotype."
- Release of the Sound Collector magazine featuring an 8 page OOBS Records article and CD featuring The Joysticks' previously unreleased track "010010", as well as tracks by ORI, Lesser, Pluxus, Matmos, Ganger, and Mercury Rev
And last but not least...
- The OOBS Video Armageddon: A Nintendo Entertainment System challenge! The NES Challenge will be a competition featuring 36 of the South Hills' top players. The Winner receives an "I Survived the OOBS Video Armageddon" T-shirt, as well as a trophy! There are still a few spots open, so e-mail Gregg if you are looking to participate. NOTE::There is a $1 entrance fee to cover "overhead" and prizes.
Where else could you find this much quality FREE entertainment?? Food, Fire, The Joysticks, and Armageddon!! It'll be just like Math class during the summer, minus the air conditioning.

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