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Despite forecasts of rain and thunderstorms, the weather was extremely warm with the sun glistening on June 12. It was perfect conditions for the OOBS summer rawk spectacular entitled, "The End of the Skool Year Blowout!" Due to the massive amounts of propaganda distributed many days prior to the show, theThe Hyperactive Ensemble attendance was an expected 60+ people. Posters and flyers were hung throughout Richard's neighborhood during the morning of the show making it an official OOBS concert area. The approximated scheduled starting time for the first band, The Hyperactive Ensemble, was 4:30 p.m., but there was only about 12 people in Richard's grandmother's backyard (the concert site) at this time. However, after a brief sound check, The Hyperactive Ensemble decided to perform despite the low attendance.
The OOBS band Hyperactive is a solo drone-pop project by Gregg, but for this live performance, he recruited an "ensemble" that featured Andy Yaros on guitars and trombone and Rob Crane on drums. They had their first practice the day before the show in which they wrote a few songs and decided that the rest of the time could go towards improvisation. The Hyperactive Ensemble opened with a song entitled, "Skool's Out! (Summer Rawk Theme Song)," in which Andy and Gregg had dual vocals screaming about how they don't have to go to science class during the summer, although Gregg still has to calculate answers to numerous Chemistry problems for his AP Chemistry course over the summer. They continued to play through their 60 minutes set that included solo songs by both Andy and Gregg. Their was around 11 "songs" performed within the hour, and because of fan requests, "Skool's Out!" was played two more times (in the middle and as a closing number) during their set. Two other notable numbers were "No Duh!" and "I Was Almost the Beach Boys." The Hyperactive Ensemble, as a whole, drifted away from Hyperactive's keyboard drone sound during their performance and progressed into a more pop-oriented, full-band sound. Gregg said after the show that he enjoyed the "new" Hyperactive sound and wished to continue to evolve as a band.
By this time, people were arriving and leaving the show at a steady pace. There was around 15 people in attendance at all times throughout the show. The total population of the concert was estimated to be 35-40 people. Following The Hyperactive Ensemble, the movie starring two-thirds of the OOBS personnel was aired. This infamous cult classic is "The Super-Cool Assassination of Abraham Lincoln." You could hear everyone's groans of disgust as John Wilkes Booth (a.k.a. Richard) regurgitated chewed-up bananas and ketchup all over his face following his brutal shooting. Overall, the film was well-received by the loyal OOBS fans.
The next band scheduled to perform was Infoseek Velocity 128, but the only person out of the four band members in attendance is the one and only God (a.k.a. Jesse Shelmire). His set-up included a Yamaha keyboard, a compact disc player (for the prerecorded music during the set), and a microphone. "God" played for around 10 minutes, during which he earned himself the title of "Master of the Demo Button." He improvised two separate pieces and astounded the crowd with his stage presence. There was a battle between God and Gregzilla planned to take place during Infoseek Velocity 128's set, but it never occurred. I don't believe the audience could have handled any more entertainment within one band's performance anyway.
After the crowd settled down from God's performance, the celebrated Vanilla Ice scene from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" was played through Richard's VCR and television set-up. Members of the crowd could be heard to chant, "Go ninja, go ninja, go!" during this time. As "TMNT 2" was being worshiped, soundsystemscheckOK began preparations for their live musical development. soundsystemscheckOK was Richard's former solo project on OOBS Records, but moments before the concert, he drafted a neighbor to be his drummer. The crowd increased to around 20 people as Richard was setting up. soundsystemscheckOK waited 10 minutes after the movie concluded and then began their performance. They opened with an enticing cover of Bikini Kill's "Star Belly Boy." As Richard shrieked out lyrics of, "I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't cum!," the crowd, mostly made up of teenage girls, seemed somewhat disturbed and confused. soundsystemscheckOK's set was interrupted many times at first because Jim had gone off beat, but as the set progressed Jim's drumming gained momentum. At times soundsystemscheckOK produced dancable beats and riffs, while at other times soundsystemscheckOK's set was deep and melodious. After a while of the guitar and drum duet, Richard went over to his make shift table, that he created by putting a slab of wood on top of his keyboard stand, to play the Casio cz-101 Cosmo Synthesizer. This make shift table was somewhat like the center piece of the soundsystemscheckOK's "stage." Richard had strategically placed his Toshiba T1200 lap top computer, cz-101, and microscope on this table, which were all utilized during the set. The T1200 was used for some brief and inaudible QBASIC programs, the microscope was used for some extensive research during a drum solo, and the cz-101 was of course used for sound synthesis. On the front of this "table" Spaztik had placed his poster that commemorated Ginger Spice. The poster read, "I love you Geri! Goodbye Ginger!" and had pictures of our beloved Geri Estelle Halliwell.
As Richard announced that they were going to playing their finalThe Systems + Gregg song, Gregg asked if he could play the Casio cz-101 during this particular piece, and Richard said, "Sure!." They improvised through a five minute song, and after a few seconds of silence, soundsystemscheckOK plus Gregg began creating a tremendous bulk of noise using their instruments to their full extents. Richard leaned his guitar against his amp and began waving a microphone in front of another amp dispersing shots of feedback into the audience. God walked up from the crowd, plugged in his keyboard, and joined the noise development, although his noise was barely audible since he neglected to plug his instrument into an amplifier. Richard, Gregg, God, and Jim continued their sound assault on the crowd of 15 people, until the crowd got up and left. This occurred after 10 minutes straight of unmodified high-volume noise. The members of soundsystemscheckOK, Infoseek Velocity 128, and The Hyperactive Ensemble seemed pleased with their accomplishment of driving the crowd out. They continued to produce layers of noise despite the fact that no know was there to watch. As they were banging on their keyboards and screaming fragments of words through broken microphones Pittsburgh's own Operation Re-Information, walked down the driveway and sat in front of the performers. The performers finally stopped to receive an appreciative round of applause from Dr. Spectt, Agent Triplex, and Dr. Spanglestein (the members of the O.R.I. sound team). The performers went into another improvised noise piece, and asORI the rock band?! Richard, Gregg, and God each decided to go and sit down, the members of Operation Re-Information displayed their talents by picking up the abandoned instruments. After some time, the only people in the stage area were O.R.I. and Jim(on drums). But soon Jim left his post, and Agent Triplex sat in on drums. Agent Spanglestein took control of the CZ-101, while Agent Spectt played the guitar. The other artists sat in the yard and enjoyed the show, and, by this time, some of the earlier fans were coming back to watch O.R.I. in action. This progressed until finally O.R.I. sat back down to watch some short videos at the request of Richard and Gregg.
O.R.I. and the remainder of the audience then sat around the glow of the 13" television to watch "The Super Cool Assassination of Abraham Lincoln." This video had already been shown, but the ORI sound team was not on site to view it, and was greatly interested in seeing it. Next, Spaztik put in the underground, yet hilarious film, "Night of the Living Bread." ORI watched it while Gregg, Richard, and Jim set up to play their final song, "Acid Police," which was originally recorded by the Boredoms on Chocolate Synthesizers. "Acid Police" showed the most definite benefits of having a live drummer, for Jim's addition of drums on this song made it all the more better. Gregg and Richard's dual vocals were amazing as well. Half way through the song Richard dropped his guitar to join in again in the dual vocals, and then continued playing the repetitive guitar riff until the conclusion of the song. This final number was a beautiful masterpiece, and proved that this concert was an undeniable success! Kids everywhere will one day rejoice in prayer to thank OOBS Records for all of this solid gold entertainment throughout the years, and this concert will be a landmark event . In conclusion, OOBS is good and digital!

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