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The CV Bandits!
The CV Bandits are a three-piece noise band formed in order to destroy and disorient the Chartiers Valley High School Battle of the Bands. For those of you who don't know, the Battle of the Bands is a lame excuse for a concert held annually in the CV Auditorium. If one wants to see a good Battle of the Bands, then go rent "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey". Bill and Ted rock like no other high school band can at the end of this classic!
The CV Bandits have written many songs that will all be played on the night of this concert. Some of which include, "D-76 is Gay", "CV Basketball Licks Crotch", "This Battle of the Bands is Full of Talentless Losers", "Wannabe CV Hardcore Kids Suck", and "Yellow bookbags are for Pansies".
The CV Bandits have unfortunately been the target of many threats from a so called "hardcore" youth attendee of CVHS. However approximately all 30 members of the band (give or take 15), including Joe Milburn, are still ready to perform. I have recently heard of an encounter in which Agent Spaztik was approached and told to eliminate all reinformation in regard to the Battle of the Bands from this web site, however, I am keeping it alive, for The CV Bandits cannot be stopped and are ready to make a mockary of this ridiculous "harcore" show. How "hardcore" can a school's assembly be anyway? Well, I guess if you have some awesome and radical bands like Preserverance and Burncycle, then it should be great! Hahahahahahahaha. Death to CV Hardcore.
The CV Bandits are going to be performing at the Chartiers Valley Battle of the Bands, whether they're on the bill or not. Be there to witness the anarchy and takeover first hand, or hear about the aftermath from one of the lucky attendees. "Hardcore" kids from Chartiers Valley will never be the same!

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