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The Clarendon Hills
The Clarendon Hills rockand roll!the clarendon hills rockand roll (de)basements... So what dya wanna know? Those Clarendon Hills? Two states, too many towns, too many warped blues, twee pop, and punk records. They've got the garage, basement, wreck room and other pertinent parts of the house covered. The first guitar is appropriated by Bert from renowned turntablist DJ Mercury Bonez's basement in Clarendon Hills, IL. Lynda teaches Bert the chords at school in Ithaca, NY. Songs are written in Palatine and Evanston, IL. Lynda and Bert back in Ithaca, Do ("dough") is recruited to drum: a band. Practices are futile and fun - they can't play well enough (together or separately) to imitate, they can only deconstruct and destroy. Some shows, an ill 7 inch people only own strictly as a favor. Is ineptitude good, is it a joke, or do they just completely suck? Lynda and Do can't decide. They leave. Still in Ithaca, Bert finds Jeff for the essential extra guit screech. He's got skills, honed in the lonely houses and farm fields of guano-town Pennsylvania. Scenester Mikey is nabbed for drums. The Clarendon Hills II: 3 practices, 1 show. One guy dances, eyes roll. "you guys Yakuza or sumthin?" "too much feedback!" Mikey graduates directly after, shoves off for labor organizing work in SF. Jeff leaves for Philly. Bert finds his way back to Palatine, IL, kicking up a racket in a basement. Longtime friend E. finds his way to the same basement with percussion implements. Lisa is found via mutual friends and triumvirate is again complete. Plenty of fuzz and squealing ensues. The Clarendon Hills III: a tape, which you can gain possession of via the The Clarendon Hills or through the OOBS Shop Zone. They get tight. They fuck shit up. Dusty collectors' closets and day jobs are the next logical step. Low expectations, no fidelity (intentional? you decide). They speak no native tongues! They're all chemistry majors! They all own cardigan sweaters and skinny ties! You want rock n' roll, you want booze? You underage? The Clarendon Hills will buy.
Contact the Clarendon Hills: 
Elbert Chang
38 Carver Street
1st Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

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