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The Joysticks Battle the Clip-on Expressway to Your Skull
Some observant Pittsburgh scenesters may be familiar with the young Drs. Spaztik and Hyperactive as being Junior Agents of Operation Re-Information, often found dancing mechanically at O.R.I. shows and wearing homemade costumes. But there's more to these geeks than meets the eye. In fact, they're moguls of an invisible empire, the OOBS Records conglomerate, which has its own Website ( and a roster of electronic and noise bands from around the country. They also have their own noise group, called the Joysticks (for short). They've lit the stage at the Chartiers Valley High School talent show on fire, opened for Matador artist Solex, and won honorable mention in the Ohio vs. Pa. Noise Brawl, all while playing a wide variety of electronic instruments that range from a Bearcat scanner to a 2XL robot. Here's hoping that these wacky high-schoolers don't burn out and decide to be boring and normal by the time they get to college.(M.T.).

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