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This was an amazing event. I don't feel like writing a review when I
outlined the entire performance during an AOLIM conversation with Omega
Jim. I'll paste that here instead. As a background to the show, we were
planning on doing the two man (electronic) metal set again, but Richard
was too sick to perform. So, here's the conversations...
Valence300: Wow, you missed a great Joysticks' performance!
omega Jp: How'd it go?
Valence300: There was a near riot at the Beehive. We had to get out of
there or else there would have been a giant fight.
omega Jp: Woah, seriously? How'd that come about?
Valence300: First, I was planning on doing a solo noise set without
destruction. Matt Wellins said he'd join me, so I brought along one
keyboard (computer) to break to make it Joysticks-like...
Valence300: We go there, and the place is amazing. It looks like a
smaller version of Metropol, just as nice, and packed with people
(100-150, hard to say)...
Valence300: We watch the first couple bands and realize they're
completely horrible. While buying a water in the hall, I run into one of
Lord Grunge's friends that was at the Talent Show. He asks if we're
going to fuck shit up...
Valence300: I say we only have one computer keyboard to break, and he
says he has some televisions at his house nearby that he can loan us...
omega Jp: ! Superb !
Valence300: We go to his house, pick up a nice sized television, a
brick, and a VCR. Also, at the Beehive, they have a giant screen behind
the performers where you can air films as you play. We were looking
through the movies at this guy's house and picked up a porno from the
1970s to play as the background of our set...
omega Jp: Wow, hahaha
Valence300: We got back, with all the shit, and are told we are moved up
to about 30 minutes earlier...
Valence300: Every band gets 20 minutes to play, they're running things
very quickly, we take forever to set-up (not on purpose)...
Valence300: We have a CS1x, a circuit-bent keyboard, a science kit, two
4-tracks (with various Enya tapes in them), and a Cello that was not
Valence300: As they're announcing us, we just start playing overtop of
the speaker. I totally forgot about the porno that started to air, but I
heard it was raunchy and hilarious...
Valence300: We lined up a bunch of seats in front of the stage with
electronics on them. I kick the television off the stage, then pick it
up (facing the stage), and toss it over my head into the crowd area. Total
fucking chaos breaks loose.
omega Jp: Oh man!
omega Jp: You've gotta submit this to the OOBS discussion list
omega Jp: Did you guys get into any trouble?
Valence300: We just start smashing shit in typical Joysticks' manner,
but there's a ton of people close to the stage. Shit is flying
everywhere, chairs are getting tossed into the crowd, large lights and
nice decorations are being knocked over and destroyed...
omega Jp: The crowd was destroying shit too?
Valence300: Just us.
Valence300: After about 3 minutes of this, they start physically trying
to stop us, we just keep it going. The whole staff at the Beehive are
running all over the place in a panic. I get back up on stage, all you
hear is electronic clickings (very minimal), and I hold up the Satan
sign with my hand...
Valence300: Matt and I are start knocking over mics and screaming. I
take a full water bottle, open it, toss it into the crowd, open up a bag
of Cracker Jacks, toss it all over the crowd. Feedback everywhere. They
are still physically attempting to stop us from playing, and tons of
people look like they're ready to kick our asses...
omega Jp: I wish I could have seen this sooo bad.
Valence300: Bottlerockets line the stage, and I go and light off the
first one which flies into the audience and everyone jumps back. By this
time, I was told the porno ended and an episode of "Growing Pains" was
omega Jp: Hahaha
Valence300: One guy there jumps up and kicks all of the rest of the
fireworks over. He tries to grab one out of my hand, which I light, and
toss into the crowd, (it's a spinning lighty thing), he jumps on it to
put it out and falls on his ass! I pointed and laughed at him...
omega Jp: Oh my GOD! That was nuts!
Valence300: People are still running all over the place and shit is
still flying everywhere. They begin to cut sound, I grab a mic and yell
"Every other band tonight sucked!" and Matt yells "The Hud (first band
that played) really suck!"...
Valence300: There is a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd...
omega Jp: The alienation level right there reached an 11/10
Valence300: After it is near completed, tons of people are jumping on
the stage. The drummer from the Hud said, "This is the worst thing I've
ever seen. This is so damn horrible. You are a disgrace. I can't believe
you guys, go back to high school. This is horrible."...
omega Jp: Hahaha, Hud sucks.
Valence300: Then one guy from the 2nd band was on stage. I start
removing all equipment because there is fights and riots brewing. The
only thing on stage is the Beehive's mixer, which this guy hold a bottle
of water over (like he's about to pour it on their equipment which he
thinks is ours), he's totally looking for a crowd reaction to say "Fuck
their shit up now!" but it's just screams and boos and noise...
Valence300: Then some people jump on stage to back us, they grab the mic
and say "Get the hell off the stage." Tons of people just ready to
rumble, so much tension.
omega Jp: Hahahaha!
Valence300: Tons of CHAOS! Like a real fucking riot! I kept looking over
my shoulder thinking I was about to get knocked over the head a blunt
Valence300: Everyone was getting in our faces to give us shit, but a few
people were backing / praising us...
omega Jp: I wish I would have screwed the work I had to do and went
Valence300: We loaded the car, and the sound guy and some other people
stopped us in the street like they were going to fight us and then kept
bitching us out... "I spent all that time fixing sound for you, and I ended up
getting smashed with a chair. That's totally fucked up." Others - "Yeah,
fuck you guys."
Valence300: We ended up loading everything and fleeing the sight. I
think we're banned from the Beehive. It was amazing. A real potential
omega Jp: Like they could stop The Joysticks!
Valence300: It was amazing.

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